First steps with the Patavinus app

Operating system: Android

To set up your Patavinus app for the first time, please follow the steps explained in the video

Android is not your OS?

No problem! Click the following button and get to the manual for Apple iOS

Instructions for Android

Watch our video to see how the Patavinus App works in less than a minute.

Not in the mood for the video? We'll explain it to you!

Step 1: Install the Patavinus app

Jetzt bei Google Play

Step 2: Activate the code in the app

Step 3: Attach the item to your valuable

Finished! Have a look at how the finder sees it:

Hint: Link your mail address

Without your mail address the code is only linked to your smartphone. If it gets lost or the app is uninstalled the codes is not usable anymore. That's why we recommend you to link your mail address. This way you can access your codes from multiple devices.